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Main features 
This chapter presents the Modelator main features.  

Drawing the model 
With Modelator, you draw and change the data model very quickly and intuitively. You create the most important parts of the model first, then include more details as needed, without forcing you to work in a pre-defined order. You double-click the entity types to insert or edit the list of attributes / fields when you want to, you insert data types etc. when you are ready for that etc.  

You choose between different popular notations, including "crow's foot", arrows, NIAM-like, etc.You may show or hide the details of the model in the drawing, like hiding or showing the attributes, minima etc.  

A sound theoretical basis 
Modelator is based upon generally recognized theory for data modelling and database design. It helps you creating correct applications right from the beginning. For example, the system may automatically create and maintain the so-called foreign keys("linking fields") between the entity types, saving you a lot of the pain and agony.  

The model and several predefined reports may be printed to the printer or pasted to a word processor.  

Control and export to database systems 
When you are finished, the system controls that the model is complete, in the sense that it may be converted into a database .Half a minute later, the model has been transferred into a live database. And, you've got peace in mind that the application is 100% compliant with relational database theory. See export and import 

The documentation is as user-friendly as the program itself. No "4 volumes user manual" - what you need is included in the online help. An introduction course gives you the basics in data modeling and systematic use of Modelator.  

System requirements 
Both a 32 bit and a 16 bit version is available. Of course models from one version may be used in the other. The system runs under Windows 3.1, Windows 95, NT etc., needing only 4 MB RAM.  

Export and Import features 
This chapter presents the export and import features.  

Export - automatic creation of the database. 
With Modelator, you may export the data model into a database for all popular database in the marked. This means that tables, fields, primary keys, foreign keys etc. are created automatically, based upon the data model. This as an ideal aid when developing prototypes etc. for a system. It also assures that the system is 100% consistent.  

Import - documentation & quality assurance. 
If you've got a database which need a documentation, Modelator will help you "reverse engineering" the database into a data model. Modelator simply reads your design and automatically finds out relationships etc. in your system (provided this information is available in the database system). This gives you a complete overview over the database - an invaluable help both in documentation and in quality assurance of the system.  

Modelator is also capable of comparing different versions of the database, thereby giving you a simple, but efficient version control.  

Moving a database structure from one DBMS to another 
Using Modelator, you may easily convert a database structure from one system into another, by 
- reversing from the old database into Modelator, thereby giving an overview over the database 
- making corrections and improvements in the structure, as needed 
- generating the model into a different database system 
It can't be simpler!  

Main database systems supported. 

Desktop systems:
Access 2.0 (16 bit version only), Access 95 / 97 / 2000, XP, dBase / FoxPro, others
SQL / Client-Server systems:
Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Interbase, Ingres, Informix, etc.
Other database systems may be supported, depending on available ODBC drivers.  

Cooperation with database vendors. 
MetodeData Inc. cooperate with database vendors in making the best possible exports and imports to the different database systems.  

To place your order please contact:  

MetodeData a.s. 
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Tel. (+47) 69 32 00 10 
Fax. (+47) 69 32 00 11 

Modelator version 4.0 price list, 2002:  
Single user 990 625 7 500
Three users 2 200 1 400 17 000
Site license 4 200 2 600 32 000
For students 
Modelator 4.0 is also available in a special edition for students (Norwegian text only). 

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