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Version 4.0 news 


  • 32-bit version for Win95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP, complete support for almost every database system.
  • 16-bit version with the same functionality, limited only by operating system (will not be developed further).
  • The functionality from older versions has been improved and enhanced. The list below is only a summary.
  • Seamless transition from older versions.
  • Both English and Norwegian language included in the package.
Drawing / designing / modeling 
  • Even easier to create relationship types, with virtually unlimited break points.
  • Undo feature.
  • Select multiple entity types to move, copy, delete etc.
  • Merge models by copying any part of one model into any other.
  • Add colors and use different fonts to separate entity types. 
  • Add entity types to groups to filter view at design-time. Combine this feature with color/font options to make the model to enhance visualization.
  • A new explorer simplifies navigating around the entire model or entity type groups. The explorer can be docked to the main window, float around, or stay hidden.
  • Long comments, limited only by operating system, on model, entity type, relationship types and attributes.
  • Supports foreign keys for all forms of 1:1-relationship types.
  • One attribute can be foreign key for several relationship types.
  • Automatic or manual maintenance of foreign keys on attributes.
Printouts / reports 
  • Reports can be transferred directly to your word processor with formatting preserved. RTF and HTML format is available! 
  • The model can be copied to the clipboard as metafile. This provides scalable images in applications as Microsoft Word. 
  • The contents of the data model can be exported to tables in any Odbc database. This feature enables you to create reports and documentation, limited only by the database system.
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